Travel Nurse Salary, Assignments, & Benefits

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Being a travel nurse can be a lucrative career option as depending on the type of the assignment and the location of the assignment, travel nurse pay varies greatly.

Factors Determining Pay

There are many factors that contribute towards determining your pay as a travel nurse. Many travel nurses and allied clinicians bounce around between states and sometimes even specialties, depending on the requirement. Each of these has different pay and perks, so you will be paid differently from assignment to assignment.

Facilities in locations where there’s a dearth of travel nurses have a high need for these professionals and tend to pay more.

The cost of living in a particular location also affects the pay. If you choose a place with a higher cost of living, you will get paid more.

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Pay and Benefits at Prodigy

At Prodigy, we offer perm-like pay and benefits with 100% transparency. Talk to your recruiter to know different pay rates in different areas and for different specialties.