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Our lives are busy, and our time is valuable. Senior Living Executives often don’t have the time to execute a comprehensive and effective search. The job you may want, the location you may prefer, are not always publicly advertised. Finding that Executive position can be downright exhausting if left on your own.

Clients Across 42 US States, depend upon us to secure the ideal candidate for their open positions. We set the bar high for integrity with our communities and with our executive candidates. Expectations from the residents and the families of our long term care communities is nothing short of excellence.

This is why our Prodigy Recruiter and our executive staff gets to know you. When you receive that call from our recruiter rest assured we have performed and executed our due diligence to make certain your interview is worth your time and is a strong match to our clients’ needs.

Our Promise To Our Executive Candidates

Nationwide Exposure
We are fully committed to our clients, and you will pay zero expenses throughout the entire hiring process.

We Get To Know You
Modern day web-cam calls, 1 on 1 in person meetings, and a deep dive on your background and expertise in the Operations protocols for Senior Living.

Supporting Cast
Prodigy Recruiters will prepare you for the interview. We partner with you by listening to what you want, by listening to your goals, and by seeking out the best version that matches the client’s needs.


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Here is What People Are Saying About Prodigy

Working with Prodigy Healthcare Services has been a smooth process. From the outset on my first call, I could definitely tell my recruiter had a high success rate in placing executives in Senior Living. The focus and detailed questions on finding a candidate to establish community-specific greeting processes to build rapport with new residents and the domain expertise to execute community vision, mission, and strategy was impressive. I’m grateful for the long hours and daily communications she put in to keep me updated and relevant for the search.

Chief Operations Officer Placement

It’s refreshing to work with a recruiting team that truly understands the importance of in-take questions with the Hiring Manager. Prodigy’s recruiter had obviously taken the time to understand what the Hiring Manager for this community truly wanted. Once I understood the often times vague and not discussed “Needs Analysis” I felt very prepared and compatible for the executive search placement. Thank you to my Prodigy recruiter, your guidance and senior living expertise was superb!

Executive Director Placement